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Jeannie Merrill

In June of 2011, my husband and I had to come to the realization that it was time to place his 97 year old mother in an assisted living. I had read in the paper that Welcome Home was a smaller home that offered a homey atmosphere. I especially liked the fact that the owner…

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Dennis Zemcik

My mom has “Dementia/Alzheimer’s. This is a crappy dignity robbing disease. I have watched her decline over the years and it was apparent we could not give her all the help she needed. It was a very hard and difficult decision to put her into a home. When looking around for a place for her,…

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Harry, Henry & Linda Huntoon

As a baby boomer and hearing all the talk that we no doubt will end up taking care of our aging parents, who would have thought that I would have been one of them. With mom turning 90 and her doctor telling us she can no longer live by herself because, as many other older…

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