Harry, Henry & Linda Huntoon

As a baby boomer and hearing all the talk that we no doubt will end up taking care of our aging parents, who would have thought that I would have been one of them. With mom turning 90 and her doctor telling us she can no longer live by herself because, as many other older parents, she too was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

My sister and I started looking to find a place for mom where she would be happy living. Only to find the first place she did not like because she could not have a two bedroom area. It was her way of saying she did not like it. We found the second place we visited to be out of her price range. It was at that time I saw my friend Deana online and I knew she worked at a facility but was not sure of its name click now. I said to her that we needed to find a place for our Mom. She was sweet enough to say “Let me speak with my boss.” She set up a date and time to have mom assessed by their nurse. We took Mom thinking that is she says “no”, where would we go from here? How do we just up and move Mom out of her home.

We met with Kim Bowen and what a sweetheart. She asked that my sister and I to let her handle it. Kim walked up to Mom and took both her hands and looking her right in the eye and said, “Welcome to our home!”. We were so impressed with it and so ready for mom to reject it as she did the last two. Mom looked at Kim in the eyes and asked, “Can I move in today?”.

We set a date to move mom and now 10 months later, it is the best move mom could have made. All the staff at the home are so sweet to all the residents. Mom and all the residents are treated like Kings and Queens. They are just unbelievable. No matter the time one does to visit, the home is clean, all home cooked meals are on the table at 8am, 12noon and 5pm, and I might add that they are very good.

Mom loves to play bingo along with other events the staff have planned for them. Every time we go to vsit mom, she says this is the best move I made. Mom so looks forward to seeing Kim when she visits them. If I had to give up my own home, I would move myself into Welcome Home Assisted Living in a heartbeat, not giving it a second thought.

God bless welcome home,
Harry, Henry & Linda Huntoon