• High school diploma or equivalent
  • Good moral and professional character
  • Clean background check
  • Negative drug test
  • No physical restrictions i.e. lifting
  • Current CPR and First Aid
  • CNA is recommended but not required
  • Able to effectively communicate by following and initiating written and verbal instructions
  • Exceptional positive attitude
  • Personal growth and leadership skills are expected, appreciated and ongoing…


Responsibilities:  All responsibilities include that of a resident care friend’s job description in addition to:

  • Adhere to and enforce all policy and procedures that are found in employee handbook.
  • Ability to lead and delegate to the team
  • Available to answer calls after hours, prn.
  • Assist in emergency situations.
  • On-call every 3rd to 4th weekend which includes answering phones and making visits if necessary
  • Ordering of meds, groceries, supplies
  • Scheduling of resident care friend’s
  • Delegation to the team
  • Evaluations of team members
  • Maintain safety of residents, staff, and visitors by keeping walkways and porches swept and clear 24/7  i.e. salt walk ways in winter months omeprazole dosage.
  • Minor maintenance repairs (light bulb change, door off track, etc.) should be handled.  Any items that cannot be fixed should be reported to maintenance and CC ASAP.
  • Major maintenance repairs must be reported to maintenance person and CC ASAP.  i.e. water in the basement, appliance problems, door alarms, etc.
  • Any additional responsibilities may be added at the discretion of the president and or administrator.


Apply in person at 1605 Vandecarr, Owosso, MI 48867 or you can use the form to submit your information: